Record Store Day - 18 April 2015

Many things have been written about the whys and wherefores of an international Record Store Day, especially in the time of online streaming and the debate about the role of the artist, the record company, the bricks and mortar distributors, copyright and torrenting. A lot has been written. I am going to put this all aside and just say, if you like music, whether it is live, on vinyl or through your headphones on a mobile device, Record Store Day gives you an opportunity to dig a little deeper into your passion and discover something unique to your local community or city.

It is a global market place out there and you can see many things for free on youtube, but nothing beats the thrill of discovery when you hear a new artist or band, live or playing over the speakers in your local record store. Or even better, when you stumble across music that has been around for years and you just didn't know about it. 

No one says it better than Jack Black and Todd Louiso in High Fidelity. It is hilarious, but it is true. 

In Australia, you can find out what is happening by clicking here