Guilty Pleasure - Streets of Fire

The term 'guilty pleasure' has come to the fore in the last few years in relation to music, films or TV shows that people are a little embarrassed to admit that they like.  This is the album that I'm a little embarrassed to like, but that does not mean I don't completely love it -  the soundtrack to the 1984 film Streets of Fire.  The movie is utter rubbish.  It stars Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Willem Dafoe, Amy Madigan and a very young Bill Paxton.  The story is inconsequential, some 1950s inspired pulp gang warfare with motorbikes and heroics.   However the music is awesome.  It is a mixture of 1980s rock pop with soaring Bonnie Tyler like songs (Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young and Nowhere Fast) with 50s doo-wop, such as I Can Dream About You, which was the hit single from the soundtrack.  Songs on the soundtrack were written by Jim Steinman (who worked on Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell and Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart), Stevie Nicks, Dan Hartman and Ry Cooder.  What's not to love?