So good for Democracy, and not so good for the Zombieapocolypse

The results are in for the US elections and it is good news for the rest of the world.  The Zombieapocolypse was narrowly averted.  Sadly this means we do not have to figure out if we should take more of a Shaun of the Dead or a Zombieland approach to zombie hunting, I for one do like to stop and have a cup of tea.  This leaves us with a look at the news coverage of the US election night.  Well not a massive look, but a glimpse at this great article by US entertainment website, TVLine, and a great juxtaposition by the Australian TV blog, TV Tonight.  Pure gold.

Fly to Paradise

So You Think You Can Dance?, X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, seemingly have millions of fans across the world and some very talented and not so talented dancers.  Dance as a game show or a competition on TV for millions of viewers.  Not a new concept.  Here is a fabulous 1980s example from Italian TV.  Sara Carlson, the Queen of Italian variety shows, as seen in this clip, is a find.  This was sent to me from a friend a couple of months ago to brighten up my day.  I feel it is my duty that I share it.