Australia - The Ridiculed Country

This week Australia as a country became the laughing stock of the international community as there was another leadership challenge in the ruling Labour party causing a change in Prime Minister nearly four months before its Federal government elections. Let's take a look at what this shows about the country.  This was not about just one thing, gender, it is also about the failure of traditional journalism and the focus on polling and popularity rather than facts and issues that face this country.  First off, let's talk about misogyny.  Julia Gillard gave a fantastic speech in parliament in December last year just on this subject. Last month Australian feminist, Anne Summers, gave this very insightful speech on the state of gender in Australian politics.  Sobering facts.  

And how has this issue been covered?  I agree with Corinne Grant, in her article for The Hoopla and what has happened to the reporting of politics in Australia.  Here is another interesting piece from former News Ltd executive, Rodney E. Lever, which certainly highlights the influence of Murdoch and his companies.  But the most condemning is from inside the Canberra Press Gallery itself. A sad state of affairs.

There is also a trend in modern politics to follow the opinion poll.  Isn't that sad that we are allowing a form of Australian Idol to dictate who the political party will make leader.  The first leadership challenge may have been about the fact that Rudd was impossible to work with and he was not listening to the Labour power brokers.  So they brought in Gillard, who actually got more done in her tenure than any previous Labour government.  But she was losing the opinion polls.  The arrogant Labour power brokers think that Rudd will help them lose less seats in the next election.  They have made a country a laughing stock because they were not worried if they would lose (that decision was made at the first leadership challenge) but by how much.  A really sad state of affairs.

I leave you with Julia Gillard's concession speech, which was well given and inspirational.  I hope she finds a great job in international politics where she can make a difference by negotiating peace deals and bringing people to the table.