All About Women at The Sydney Opera House

A day of talk at the Sydney Opera House is part of the broader concept of Festival of  Ideas and is focused on women.  I find it a bit weird that to a day talking about women is an idea, but that is a cheap shot at semantics.  The opinions, discussion and issues that are highlighted this day are very interesting.  

My day started with the a speech from Liza Mundy, the author of The Richer Sex, which is about the worldwide trend where "more households will be supported by women than by men. In The Richer Sex, Liza Mundy takes us to the exciting frontier of this new economic order: she shows us why this flip is inevitable, what painful adjustments will have to be made along the way, and how both men and women will feel surprisingly liberated in the end.' This bestselling author and Washington Post  writer anchored her talk in her research and a balance of context and a well rounded opinion.  

This tone is very hard when you are discussing subjects that are very subjective and often debated or positioned in the media in the past from personal experience rather than research and study.  What is interesting is that the research is happening more often now because the discussion is on the agenda more in public discourse.  For example the conversation about Children? No Thanks has started from the personal, however, this is an issue that will now hopefully join the socio-economic markers that are tracked and researched, and will come out of the personal and become just as important as the conversation about 'working families'.  

I don't think we will solve it, but the discussions are being had, and that is a great thing.  The conversations I will sitting in on for the rest of the day are: How to Lead, Invisible Women and Is Rape Culture Everywhere? These are just three of 16 I have to choose from.  So I must congratulate the Sydney Opera House on this idea and thank them for bringing the subjects to the fore.

Click on the image below to watch a promo on the day.