One Man, Two Guvnors at the Sydney Theatre Company

The National Theatre of Great Britain's production of One Man, Two Guvnors was brought to Australia by the Sydney Theatre Company and is running for six weeks.  I got tickets for the show based on three things - loads of accolades and awards (which is a good start but an acclaimed show does not mean an entertaining night), a comedy with songs (yes, this means I am not going to be totally depressed about the human condition by the end of the night), and it is from the National Theatre of Great Britain (this tipped the scales).  It was a good choice.  The show is loads of fun and fantastically performed.  The British cast is great and the humour translates.  There are nods and winks to the slice of British culture of the time such as vaudeville song and dance, the Tommy Cooper fez, The Beatles, angry young men in the theatre, Brighton Rockthe Kray brotherscockney humour, and Benny Hill physical comedy and stereotypes.  

Try and get a ticket before the run ends on 11 May and just join in on the fun.  Audience participation is encouraged.