2016 Sydney Film Festival - Certain Women

I loved, loved Meek's Cutoff (2010), Kelly Reichardt's beautiful western starring Michelle Williams. So, I signed up for this movie straight off. Here is the blurb from the Sydney Film Festival, which tells you the film is "based on Maile Meloy's short stories, tells three connected stories of independent Montana women trying to understand and shape the world around them." I have not heard of Maile Meloy, but here is a Q&A with her that tells you a bit about her. This movie also boasts a wonderful cast of great actresses - Reichardt favourite, Michelle Williams, Laura Dern, Kristen Stewart and new comer Lily Gladstone.

The cast of  Certain Women  at the 2016 Sundance Film Festoval

The cast of Certain Women at the 2016 Sundance Film Festoval

Like her previous work, Certain Women is beautiful and languid. It is a study of exteriors and interiors, from the wild winter landscape of Montana to the emotional life of the women in the three interconnecting stories. It is a quiet movie that has a couple of stand out scenes that will linger in your mind days after you left the cinema. The performances are really great throughout, however I must highlight the luminous Lily Gladstone, who says so much with very few words.

One for a lazy contemplative Sunday afternoon.