Sydney Film Festival 2015 - Slow West

British writer/director John Maclean creates a lovely take on the western myth in his debut feature film Slow West. It is set after the American Civil War in the push of white settlers into the west of the continent across the frontier.  This movie is basically a two-handler with Kodi Smit-McPhee's love-lorn teenage Scottish aristocrat, Jay Cavendish, and his guide along the trail, world wearing Silas, played by Michael Fessbender.  A road movie on horse back with a beautifully realised friendship growing between Jay and Silas as they make their way west in search of Rose, the woman Jay loves. 

This is not a grand western with huge personalities and performance in the John Wayne tradition, it is more like a cross between High Noon and Meek's Cutoff. It is more about what is not said and done and the space in between actions than the straightforward plot.  Not all people will like it, but enough did for it to win the World Cinema Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival. I really enjoyed it and recommend that you check it out on the big screen.