PRIDE - A film about pits, perverts and Margaret Thatcher

Pride (2014) is Director, Matthew Warchus' second film, and he crafts a wonderful British comedy with a strong political and social message. It is a fine line to walk for this seasoned London theatre director and writer as Pride could be written off as a formulaic British comedy, but like The Full Monty and Brassed Off, the laughs are underlined by the humanity of the people involved. Most of the characters are well rounded, however some do border on caricature and stereotype and are used to punctuate a joke. The film has a terrific British cast of unknowns (outside of UK TV) and seasoned actors bringing their 'A' game. The soundtrack will have you up and dancing and here is hoping that the set designers, hair and costume people get recognised for capturing the everyday look of the mid 1980s in the UK. Uncanny. This is an enjoyable movie that will give you insight to a bit of British history that is still being felt today, not only in the small mining towns in Wales and North England, but also in the lesbian and gay community.  

Pride is in UK cinemas 12th September 2014 Pathé's Pride is about the extraordinary true story of two very different communities who unite to defend the same cause. It's Summer 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power, and the National Union of Mineworkers are on strike!