Classic Film Re-watch - Pulp Fiction

In the last three years, nearly every week I have been re-watching a ‘classic’ movie with some younger members of my family, who are at university. We catch up for dinner and we take the opportunity to watch a movie that they may not have had any other access to. My definition of classic is something I enjoyed and think that they should check out. So, some of the movies were by request from my family members and some of them are ones that I think they may enjoy. One of the ones we watched was Pulp Fiction (1994).

Our hot take is that this movie does not hold up. It is bloated. The whole Bruce Willis story line is unnecessary and boring and do not get me started on the manic pixie dream girl played by Maria de Medeiros. I initially thought that I enjoyed this when it first came out because I was in my 20s and this was how I understood cool, but my younger family members did not enjoy it. It is the ultimate mansplaining film and thankfully we are now acknowledging this rampant macho posturing filmmaking for what it is. Quentin Tarantino can frame a great shot and he knows how to use music, but this movie is the beginning of his man-child phase, a phase that he is unfortunately still very much in 20 years later.