Sydney Film Festival 2015 - Lambert & Stamp

My first film at the 2015 Sydney Film Festival is a straightforward music documentary about Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp the managers and creative guides to The Who. The film, directed by James D Cooper tracks the meeting, friendship, subsequent rise and flame out of the son of a world renown conductor, Lambert and the son of a working class East Ender, Chris Stamp with the backdrop of the creation of the band, The Who. There are interviews with Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, Chris’ brother, actor Terence Stamp, long-time friends and most importantly Chris Stamp. Unfortunately Kit Lambert died in 1981. The documentary is interesting to anyone who wants an insight into the beginnings of The Who, 1960s London, the Mod subculture and a look at an unlikely friendship. It is not a ground breaking documentary but, like Good ol’ Freda, the documentary about Freda Kelly, The Beatles secretary, it highlights those behind the scenes of some of the biggest English bands of the 1960s.