Sydney Film Festival 2014 - The Skeleton Twins

Most people will go and see The Skeleton Twins because it stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader from Saturday Night Live, and will most probably expect a lighthearted comedy. They may be in for a big surprise as this movie is a gentle drama about an estranged brother and sister (played by Wiig and Hader) who catch up with each other after ten years. There is humour in this movie and it comes out of the wonderful performances and interaction between Hader and Wiig, who really do sell the sibling relationship. As the Craig Johnson, the Director, says below in the clip, they are both playing characters that are very real, and that realism anchors the natural humour and quieter moments in the movie.  

This is Craig Johnson's second movie as a writer/director, the first being True Adolescents in 2009 starring indie favourite Mark Duplass.  The Skeleton Twins is co-written by Mark Heyman and executive produced by Mark Duplass and his brother Jay, who seem to be producing an mix of movies that are very human with elements of humour and drama. See a list here.  Craig Johnson is an interesting filmmaker who will be someone to watch. It is a great film and I truly recommend it.