Sydney Film Festival 2014 - Locke

Steven Knight is known as a screenwriter for great movies such as Dirty Pretty Things (2002), Eastern Promises (2007) and Closed Circuit (2013). His first movie as writer and director was Hummingbird (2013) with Jason Statham and he recently created and wrote Peaky Blinders, a British historical TV series for the BBC starring Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill as gangsters in Birmingham in 1919. His second movie as writer and director is Locke, a movie shot entirely in a car as the only person seen on screen, Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) drives from the north of England to London one night. Not an easy concept to make exciting, however it mainly succeeds due to an incredible performance by Tom Hardy and the great vocal performances by the other cast members (Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott and Ben Daniels), who manage to convey character through a voice on the telephone.  Some elements, such as Locke's back story with his father feels like dramatic license, like it is from a one person play, rather than organic actions and conversations that inhabit the rest of the story. But this is minor and does not take away from a great small movie with a wonderful performance.  It is good to see filmmakers and actors taking a risk and making innovative and interesting movies.