Hitler's Children - A Documentary about the Sins of the Fathers

This little known 2011 documentary is a German/Israeli co-production that focuses on the descendants of five senior Nazis, Heinrich Himmler (the head of the SS, Chief of the German Police and the Interior), Hans Frank (Governor General of occupied Poland), Hermann Göering (Hitler's deputy, founded the Gestapo and was Head of the Luftwaffe), Amon Goeth (commandant of the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp in Płaszów in German-occupied Poland). and Rudolf Hoess (Commandant of Auschwitz).  Directed by Chanoch Zeevi, the documentary portrays the family members who are in opposition to the beliefs held by their father, grandfather or great uncles. It does not offer an alternative view to this opposition but delves into it to unpick the emotions of legacy, horror, guilt, shame and how each of the subjects discovered their family history, how that impacted them and their siblings and family relationships and what they have chosen to do and be as a result.

The descendants are represented by Göering's grand niece, Bettina Göering, she has a brother and speaks of her cousin, Göering's daughter; Katrin Himmler. Himmler's grand niece and author of The Himmler Brothers: A German Family History; Niklas Frank, Frank's son, Hitler's Godson and author of The Father: A Settling of Accounts and In the Shadow of the Reich; Rainer Hoess, Hoess' grandson, and Monika Goeth, Goeth's daughter.

To tell you anything more would spoil the impact of the documentary. I recommend tracking it down and watching this slice of social history. The BBC did show this in 2012, so I am sure it is available on DVD or online with English subtitles.

Note - there is a second documentary with the same name, which is a 5 part TV show that focuses on how the youth of Germany were indoctrinated into the Third Reich.