Most of the UK is on tenterhooks watching a Brit get to the men's final of the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Club.  The last British winner of this tennis final was Fred Perry in 1936.  So a lot is riding on this for the UK, especially as they are calling Andy Murray British rather than Scots.  But this has all happened before.  In the movies.  Back in 2004 there was a romantic comedy called Wimbledon starring Paul Bettany and Kristen Dunst.  I don't think it did very well commercially, but I really liked it.  It is a great romantic comedy if you like the genre.  Well acted, funny (which can be hard) and really really charming.  Directed by British film maker Richard Loncraine (The Special Relationship, The Gathering Storm, Richard III), the story is about Brit player Peter Colt, a washed-up tennis pro and up-coming US tennis star Lizzie Bradbury during the Wimbledon Championships.  Ok, so the details are a bit different to what is happening in real life, but the film's take on how the UK would get behind a British player heading towards a Wimbledon final.  It is spot on. Check it out if you like romantic comedies, and if you prefer your tennis with prettier people.