Star Trek: Into Darkness - Snap, Crackle and Pop

The latest addition to the Star Trek universe is a fun filled, frenetic film with lots of action, one-liners and a deepening of relationships between well loved characters.  However, it is bit like a fizzy drink, leaving you hyped up on sugar and caffeine but still thirsty for more.  A typical summer tent-pole movie then.   This film is well made by JJ Abrams with lovely visuals, special effects, fantastic costuming with a futuristic 1960s look, and awesome world-building, but it is still a summer blockbuster by numbers.  There are 'surprises' but they are not hard to spot or figure out very early in the movie which leaves the fast pace, nods to hard core fans and tight dialogue to entertain the audience enough so they don't see the plot holes.  That aside, this a great summer movie, just don't expect anything more than that, and it is ten times better than a lot of the other summer movies in the last couple of years.

Oh yes, and it has Benedict Camberbatch in it, so just go and see it for him doing his best English villain turn.  The template that was created by Alan Rickman in Die Hard (although he was playing a German).