Pitch Perfect is One of the Best Films of the Year

I know that I am late to this film, but it was the Christmas season and I only got to see it today.  Boy was I missing out.  This film is so much fun.  Zippy one liners, great music and a US breakout performance from Aussie comedian, Rebel Wilson.  What it also has is a sublime Elizabeth Banks, who produced the film and, along with John Michael Higgins, cameos as the a cappella collegiate competition commentators. Banks’ delivery of some of the funniest lines nearly steals the film from the younger stars.  And that is pretty hard, as the cast is magnificent.  Brittany Snow and Anna Camp are a triple threat in a generation of quite exciting actors.  Snow always seems to play the supporting act in the movies, but as we all know, she is a leading lady from TV, and fully deserves to get the headline again.  Anna Camp has proved to be equally good at comedy and drama, and she held her own in the over the top cast of Season 2 of True Blood and last season on The Good Wife.  She is going to be very interesting to watch. 

What makes this movie one of the best of 2012 is a very funny script (by 30 Rock and New Girl writer Kay Cannon) based on the book by Mickey Rapkin, the joy of discovering music, and, most importantly, an appreciation of John Hughes’ classic film, The Breakfast Club.  Who can resist?  The cherry on the top is Anna Kendrick, who is charming and effortless as the lead – the alternative college girl who lets out her inner nerd.  It is also the first big screen film for director, Jason Moore.  Moore and Cannon are showing that the talent of TV is taking on the big screen again, and doing it pitch perfectly.