Fringe - The Most Audacious Sci-Fi Series

Friday saw the final two episodes of one of the most courageous, creative and emotional science fiction series to grace our TV screens.  Fringe.  The 13 episodes of season five were a gift from Fox to the fans.  There is no way Fringe should have been on the air for this long as its ratings were not that good, to say the least.  When it did not become the next X Files, the show was set free to become its own. It zigged when you expected it to zag, it re-booted, re-invented, and erased characters, storylines and mythology.  But it always did what great science fiction does.  It made you care about the characters, each version of them.  The central trio of the ‘mad’ scientist Dr Walter Bishop (John Noble), his initially estranged son, Peter (Joshua Jackson) and FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), who works with them in the Fringe division.  A division set up to deal with all the weird and wonderful things that happen because of the work Walter did in the 1980s as a young scientist with his partner Dr William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and anything else that was classified as not ‘normal’.  That is just what the synopsis said.  What it didn’t say is that the series would create two beautiful love stories.  One between and father and a son, and another between two emotionally damaged heroes.  The one thing science could not explain or overcome was love.   It literally conquered all.   Apart from the stories, Fringe was innovative from its opening title sequences to its inventive promos and way out 19th episodes of each season.

Instead of writing about it all, I suggest you read this article, as it is a pretty definitive take on the series as it is a bunch of TV critics looking back on what they liked about the series. 

I also recommend clicking on the best episode lists below.   Only click though if you do not mind being spoiled of some big reveals.

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If you haven’t watched the show.  Just watch the first season trailer below.