Death Comes To Pemberley - A Different Type of Fun from the Original

In 2011, crime author PD James continued the story of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice with a tale of death and marriage. She wrote Death Comes to Pemberley, set six years after the marriage of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett and involving the death of Captain Denny and the trial of brother-in-law George Wickham. In 2013, the book was made into a three part mini-series by the BBC, starring Matthew Rhys as Darcy and Anna Maxwell Martin as Elizabeth.


Shown on the BBC between Christmas and New Year, Death Comes to Pemberley was great. The actors hold their own in iconic roles and that is the double edged sword of this story - the very long shadows of Austin's beloved characters. They are well written and excellently played and the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth is all that Austin fans expect it to be, even if it is tested during the story. However, this is not Pride and Prejudice, this is a regency crime story which just happens to be set at Pemberley and involve the same characters. If you come expecting the former you will be disappointed. this is a different story and better for it. Sit down and enjoy the story, it is excellently done.