A rewatch of Carla Cametti PD

Originally aired on SBS 1 in 2008, this six part crime series set in the Italian community in Melbourne, Australia is a gem of a story.  Starring Diana Glenn as Carla Cametti, who has come back to Melbourne from a few years in Italy, and is running a private detective agency that usually deals with adultery and finding lost items.  She gets drawn into discovering the reason behind the death of a husband of an old school friend and begins to unravel the lies and secrets of the friends and family in the close knit Italian community she lives in.  Added to this, there is a new police detective, Luciano Gandolfi (Vince Colosimo), who has been sent down from Sydney to clean up the organised crime in Melbourne, who becomes an distraction and sometimes a hindrance for Carla.     


That is the plot, however it does not do justice to the level of tone and depth of the show. It is hard to find a crime show that has a a great sense of romantic byplay working seamlessly with the dark plot lines of murder and gangsters. The acting is wonderful, the scripts are very well written and the series looks beautiful and sensual. But the best part of the show is how it depicts friendships between women. Australians had another chance to watch it as it was re-shown on SBS this last month, if you are not from Australia, I recommend getting the DVD, it is well worth it.