BAFTA TV 2013 - The Winners Are....

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards 2013 for television happened on Sunday evening in London.  There was some surprise winners and some lovely tears on stage and I am sure off stage.  The whole TV industry is represented at this award show, from news, documentary, drama, sports and live events, entertainment, comedy, reality TV and soaps  - the Brits give each form its due. What is great to see is the depth of talent and scope of the industry that is often overshadowed by its US cousins.

The clear winner of the night was the concept of a nation looking at and questioning big and small events that have impacted Britain as a nation as well as the attitudes of its citizens.  The factual awards focused on the big events such as the winner of the Sports and Live Events 2013 - the production team of The London 2012 Paralympic Games.  As one of the production team says in this clip below, "It is not very often you actually see someone changing their perception".  The same can be said of the winner of the Single Documentary 2013 - 7/7 One Day in London and the winner of Best News Coverage 2013 - Hillsborough The Truth At Last (Granada Reports).  Both subjects that have been reported about and discussed over and over again, but these winners have changed people's perceptions of well known events.  That is good television.  

The fiction awards focused on the small events.  The Single Drama winner was Murder, which focuses on the missing moments in an investigation with protagonists speak directly to the camera telling there version of the story.  Winner of the Drama Series was Last Tango in Halifax about two widowed pensioners who rekindle a romantic relationship.  Television about people over 35 years of age.  What a shock. the Situation Comedy winner is Twenty Twelve a mocumentary about the lead up to the London Olympics.  A format taken from the Australians and made very British.   

The individual awards showcased the incredible talent in the UK, with the old, the Bafta Fellowship was awarded to Michael Palin, the new, Ben Whishaw winning Leading Actor  for Richard II, and the multi-talented, with Olivia Colman winning Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme for Twenty Twelve and Supporting Actress (Drama) for The Accused (Mo's Story). But what was truly great is that these are just some of the winners.  Just check out the great programs, actors and actresses who were nominated.  See the complete list here.  

Here is one of the fantastic self depreciating speeches from Olivia Colman from the night.