Limitless is So Much Fun - Watch It If You Can

The Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless has been extended into a TV series. As the Executive Producer and occasional cameo, Bradley Cooper was how this show was sold to the masses and me. I stayed for lighthearted tone with the really clever and funny homages, nods, rip-offs, whatever you want to call it to popular culture.  In addition, the props master is having loads of fun with this show, with making clay dolls of characters, a mini building out of post-it notes, NZT induced videos that show you what is going on in Brian's mind, and many other things. Here are my favourite references:

No. 5 - Bob Dylan

No. 4 to 2 - The Untouchables, Outbreak, The Abyss (I stood up and clapped this one as it starred Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and others. Get the T-shirt here

At No. 1 - Bueller, Bueller......Voodoo Economics