Nursing on the Crimson Field in World War One

This year is the BBC's World War One Centenary season on TV, radio and online. As a public broadcaster the BBC commissioned more than 2,500 hours of programming and events spanning 2014 - 2018 across its international, national and local services.  If this fact alone does not convince you of the importance of public broadcasting, that would be a very sad thing. One of the programs is The Crimson Field, which has just started on BBC 1 on Sunday nights.  

This show focuses on the lives of volunteers and nurses at a fictional field hospital in France during World War One. Yes war is bad and we have seen field hospitals done before, usually by the US in programs such as M.A.S.H and China Beach, and the BBC have proven that shows led by female casts and set in a historical period are popular and entertaining, so you may feel that you have seen this show before in different guises. However, it is really worth watching, as it shows you a slice of a society in change. Like, Call The Midwife, this show mixes the sugar and medicine to tell the stories of characters that would usually be sidelined in other shows. It also showcases some great British actresses who anchor the human stories amongst the truly horrific circumstances that was World War One.

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