TV Shows That I Have Put Aside

We are not short of hour long TV drama to watch and this year I said goodbye to a couple of shows I had been following since their inception. I have noticed that they are high concept soap operas which I usually love, but I feel that each of these series are not working for me. What is sad is that these are mainly female led shows, and I think it is because of the constraints that lead female characters are under in a US network TV show. Here they are:


If ever there was a series that needed a limited run with an end date, it was Revenge. It has reinvented itself a couple of times already and with each iteration I have less interest in the series as I am less and less invested in fewer characters. Imagine how we would have looked back on Revenge as a series if they had plotted out the initial story of Amanda/Emily's revenge on the Grayson family with and definite ending.  Depending on how that was accomplished, it could have been held up as a great series. However, US network TV is more about dollars than great storytelling, so I suppose it has been a good business decision for ABC.   

The basis of a good soap opera is to have compelling characters that walk the fine line of keeping everything the same as well as working towards an outcome that the audience is hoping for. Nashville has had its problems regarding creativity and structure behind the scenes and I gave the series a little bit of leeway. However, apart from the two leads played by Connie Britton (Rayna) and Hayden Panettiere (Juliette), I have come to dislike most of the characters and am tempted to do my washing up during any scene without Rayna or Juliette unless there is a song.  The songs are good and what was keeping me coming back, but I have decided to opt out from now. 

It is all just too much. I cannot buy into the emotionally abusive central relationship in Scandal. I do not care how much chemistry Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have, this relationship is toxic and as such it damages the central character of Olivia Pope.  I can get onboard with the twists and turns of the show and the MELODRAMA, but this relationship leaves a sour taste in my mouth and as such, the series. 


I must be the only person not watching NCIS in the world. When it comes to procedurals this is actually one of the best. It is made well, it has characters you want to hang out with and you do not have to concentrate much. However, it has gone on too long. I can suspend my disbelief really well with shows like this, but with no Ziva the show came to a natural end for me. I do not want to have the NCIS wheel reinvented for me, that is what spin off shows are for, see NCIS LA or NCIS New Orleans.