Luther - What Goes Around Comes Around

Luther created and written by Neil Cross and embodied by Idris Elba, sprung onto our screens in 2010.  The world of DCI John Luther could have been mistaken for another good British crime drama, but the taunt writing, great performances by the cast, especially Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson, and the patience of the plot to slowly build and squat in the moral ambiguity of the choices the characters were making, before exploding, made the first season great.   

The cat and mouse game between a killer and the cop has been seen many times, and Ruth Wilson's highly intelligent and cold blooded killer, Alice Morgan, squaring off against Luther made the first season a delight.  The second season focused on a completely different case, developing more of the cops on Luther's team as well as emphasising Luther's unusual approach and dogged determination.   It was fun, well written, but missing that 'Alice' element.  There was no one challenging Luther for the most intelligent person in the room.  Just a well written plot.    Well acted.   That is the burden of a creating a really great main character and an equally good nemesis, when it is not about them, the show changes.  Thankfully I will watch Idris Elba read a phone book he is so good.

This month, Neil Cross brings us the third and final season of Luther.  It mainly works because it brings the story back to where it began.  With Alice.  It is an enjoyable ending to a great set of characters and the back streets of London. If you are a fan of the show you will love it, if you haven't seen the first two seasons, I recommend blitzing them before you get to this season, otherwise you will be missing a lot. Thank you Mr Elba and Mr Cross for the show.