Emmy Fail - What, No Tatiana Maslany?

So the Emmy nominations are in, you can see a complete list here, and overall it is pretty good.  Just a couple of weak nominations, Downton Abbey (that has not recovered its Season 1 glory), another nomination for Alec Baldwin, Jeff Daniels for The Newsroom (good actor, crap program), to name a few.  These weaker choices squeezed out some lesser known performers such as Michael Cuditz from Southland, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell from The Americans and Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black.  I know it is sci-fi, but they are showing Game of Thrones some love, so why not the tour de force that is Tatiana Maslany, playing at least six distinct characters.  She should really be nominated for lead performance for being Sarah, but also my favourite clone Alison, the uptight soccer mom.  She is so good at this, that when three clones are in the same scene together, I do not even think that this is one actress playing each of them, I am so caught up in the story.  They all look the same but each is so different.  She is amazing.  Just check it out.


Here are some other nominations that I am extremely happy about - all the Game of Thrones nominations, House of Cards, Vera Farmiga for Bates Motel, Top of the Lake, Kerry Washington for Scandal, and Merritt Wever for Nurse Jackie.  

P.S. It is also very sad to see that there was no love for Julianna Marguies from The Good Wife.  As her co-star Christine Baranski said in reaction to her nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, “What an honor and what a surprise. I am so proud to be part of The Good Wife, a show that does everything cable shows do — except backwards and in high heels. And to find myself in a category with the great Maggie Smith [of Downton Abbey]… I am truly honored.”