Arrested Development - The Final Count Down

On 26 May, Netflix will be streaming the whole of season four of Arrested Development. With a mere seven year gap between season three and season four, the devoted and, in some places, passionately demented fan base are getting stirred up in anticipation of the return of the Bluth family.  

This is the fourth original programming from Netflix this year following Lilyhammer, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove to be pushed out online as a complete series instead of weekly installments through a traditional broadcaster.  Along with Amazon and Hulu, Netflix are challenging the US TV broadcast model.  Australian broadcasters seem to think that this is not a challenge to them as it is happening in the US, but as the US Ambassador to Australia recently pointed out, Australians are the highest proportion of illegal downloaders of Game of Thrones. If Australian TV does not provide what the viewer wants then they will go elsewhere.  Entertainment is global, the structures need to start reflecting that.

Here is the latest trailer of season four as we enter the final count down to 26 May.