Broadchurch - another Great British Crime Drama

Nearly eight million people watched the final episode of Broadchurch in the UK yesterday.  This crime drama had people betting the odds at the local bookie and had twitter a flutter during the 9pm screening. A combination of great, and I mean great, acting by David Tennant and Olivia Coleman and the rest of the cast, and a stylish slow burn plot as the viewer got to know the families, friends and community of this seaside town.  

I agree with the blogger at The Observer who credits the influence of Danish crime dramas on this series.  The Brits know how to make a good crime drama and this one is a good ride with an emotional ending.  Well done to Chris Chibnall, the creator and writer. His writing credits include episodes of Life on Mars, Torchwood, Doctor Who and the TV film United, about the Manchester United football team that crashed in Munich in 1958.