Reflections of China Beach

This is a very good opinion piece about the release of China Beach on DVD. FINALLY. The author makes a great point about music and his personal history in relation to a war he lived through.  

I, for one, am very excited that this series is available to buy.  The reason it took so long and it is quite expensive is that they had to get the rights for every song that was used in the show.  And many many hits of the 1960s were used in this series,  It is well made and is a tour de force for Dana Delany, who plays First Lieutenant Colleen McMurphy, a nurse with the 510th Evac Hospital located on China Beach, Vietnam. The show was inspired by a memoir, Brothers in Arms, by William Broyles Jr.'s published in 1986.  Broyles helped create China Beach and wrote some of the episodes.  It aired from 1988 to 1991.