All About Style

It is a time for celebration.  The new season of Mad Man started this week with a cracking feature length opening episode.  And with that, we are all over analysing and weighing every gesture and word for the next two or so months.  the conversation around this program is just as much fun as watching.  One of my favourite recaps of the show is my Tom & Lorenzo, who usually talk fashion on a daily basis with a smattering of TV recaps of shows they are interested in. And one of those shows is Mad Men.  In addition to their recap they offer an look at the style of Mad Men.  This is one show where what is worn and how the scene is dressed is just as important as what is being said or done.  Tom & Lorenzo offer up great insight and context to Mad Men and I recommend reading their posts after watching the episode.  


Most TV programs give a nod to style and you can't read much into what the characters wear, especially as 80% of them are about cops, lawyers, doctors and in recent years criminals and really rich people betraying each other.  This may be because these shows are set present day, but it is also because it is not required by the story telling as they are mainly plot driven.  But even the other big cable shows that are more than plot, do not use clothes and set in the same way.  There is only so much you can do with a zombie and Game Of Thrones is set in a different world entirely and is a different type of storytelling.   What we are left with is a variation of theme, as can be seen from the many pant and skirt suits worn by female characters who are in a profession or a casual jeans, boots and leather jacket look, and the skin tight glamour dresses worn by female characters who play rich women not being nice to each other.  The men just seem to wear suits or jeans no matter what they are doing. So welcome back Mad Men and the many many recappers of the internet.  Put some time aside and watch a program with a bit of style.