Breaking out of Albuquerque

In the last few years, Albuquerque was known for it's International Balloon Festival in October, part of the historical Route 66 and a very nice Old Town.  But then as little cable TV show happened - Breaking Bad. For those of you who don't know what Breaking Bad is about, a science school teacher with a cancer diagnosis, Walter White, turns to making crystal methamphetamine to make enough money for his family before he dies.  He goes into remission and becomes more and more involved in the drug world of Albuquerque.  Now you can go on the Bad Tour and get blue candy (from The Candy Lady in Old Town) that was originally created as a prop for drug deals.  Nice.

However, my favourite TV show set in Albuquerque in In Plain Sight.  Another cable TV show that focuses on US Marshall for the Witness Protection Program, Mary Shannon.  It is loads of fun.  I recommend it.