Spoilers - Hot Topic for Call The Midwife

The latest episode in the third season of Call The Midwife showed a backstreet abortion by a married mother of eight who could not afford to or emotionally and mentally face the prospect of having a ninth child.   The BBC received complaints about when the program, the pre-9pm slot, and the very uncomfortable scene (which was not graphic, but very emotional) that will surely spark a discussion.   The episode emphases the pre-pill days of 1958 in the UK and the impact this has on an impoverished family in the East End of London. 

Here are some interesting comments from a selection of UK media outlets

The Telegraph - From reviewer Ben Lawrence

The Daily Mail - tabloid infused news

I agree with Natika Halil, Director of Information FPA (Family Planning Association) who is quoted in The Daily Mail article.  She said:

‘Back-street abortion is shocking and upsetting but this was the grim reality for women in Britain before abortion became legal in 1967. FPA started running contraception clinics in the 1930s and what happened to women like ‘Nora’ in Call the Midwife is well documented. 

'While it can be difficult to read or watch, the issue mustn’t be airbrushed. Some women died and many others suffered terrible health conditions as a result and this reminds us of a situation we must never go back to.’