Giving Thanks for JR Ewing

81 year old, Larry Hagman died on Friday from complications from cancer,   Best known for his portrayal JR Ewing in the 1980s soap Dallas, he was on our screens every Sunday night for many years, plotting his way through dodgy deals and making Sue Ellen and Bobby's lives difficult. He was the centre of one of the most watched episodes of TV in the US, and pretty much all around the world, when in November 1980 it was revealed who shot JR.  Over 350 million viewers were glued to the sets for the big reveal.  We won't see numbers like that again, especially with the changes in viewing habits today.

The son of actress Mary Martin, Larry Hagman was no stranger to Hollywood and first came fame in 1965 in I Dream of Jeannie with Barbara Eden.  He had a long and successful career and quite a few personal ups and downs, but he seems to be thought of fondly.  If the tributes this weekend are anything to judge by.     

He was back on TV last year, playing the man the world loved to hate, again, in the revamped Dallas.  It will be interesting to see what this new incarnation of the show does next season to fill the big Stetson sized hole he has left, not only in the show, but in the hearts of his many fans.  

Watch and remember what it was like to witness the big reveal below