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Crime and Mystery Set in Los Angeles

Our focus for this meeting of the Crime and Mystery Book Club of the Library of the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts was the location of Los Angeles, USA. There were a variety of books and authors read, the ones you expect and a couple of wild cards. Click here to see the list.

Crime Novels Set or Written in the 1930s

The Mystery and Crime Book Club at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Library read novels set or written in the 1930s. We got some of the expected authors but also some more obscure books or unknown authors. Click here to see what we read.


Classic Film Re-watch - Shakespeare In Love

I picked this film to show to my family for our weekly classic movie re-watch, because it is a movie that is a lot of fun, romantic and very difficult to get right. Click here to see if it holds up.


Classic Film Re-watch - Heathers

A 20 year age gap separates us in the family re-watch of a classic movie. So some of the movies are new to the younger members and some are in the zeitgeist. One of the movies we watched is still very much present. Heathers (1988). Click here to see what we thought.