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Crime & Mystery Stories Featuring Politics or Politicians

The Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Library's Crime and Mystery Book Club focused on stories featuring politics or politicians. Click here for the range of books that were read.

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A Selection of Crime Stories Set in Unusual Places

Mysteries set in unusual places or crimes committed in an unusual way were the collection of books read by the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Library Crime and Mystery Book Club. Some were good, some we not so much. Here they are in no particular order.

My Little China Girl - Top of The Lake 2

Jane Campion said at the Sydney premiere of Top of the Lake China Girl that keeping the title Top of the Lake was mainly for branding purposes, however she did not know why, but the subtitle China Girl just clicked for her. Although the body of the Asian woman who washes up in a suitcase on Bondi Beach, Sydney, is that of a Thai woman, she wanted the play on words regarding the fragility of an actual porcelain China doll. I suspect she also wanted to dig into the racism, sexism and the impact of colonialism on the perception of Asian women in western popular culture. But I may be putting words into her mouth. However, after watching the whole of the mini-series, I am not so sure that I am wrong. Click here to read more.


Style, Music & A Little Bit of Story

I recently saw three movies that are vying for box office dollar, and each have had varying success, both in dollars and in praise. I try not to know too much about a movie before I see it, this includes the trailers, as they give away so much, and reviews, which gives away everything. It is, of course, impossible not to know something, even if it is just the general thumbs up or down of the vast tidal wave of opinions and click bait headlines. The films were Atomic Blonde, Dunkirk and Baby DriverRead more here.