A Selection of Crime Stories Involving Tourism or Travel

The Crime & Mystery Book Club at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Library read stories featuring tourism or travel. Travel offers a framework for storytelling that fits well with the crime fiction genre. Here are the books we read.


Some More Recommendations of Historical Crime

Historical crime can be one of two things, mystery books written and published yesterday and later and mystery books written recently but set in the past. Here are some recommendations of both those types.

June Wright.jpg

Some Crime Novels Featuring Religion

Religion, always a rich tapestry of storytelling, has been woven into the following mystery books read my the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Library’s Crime and Mystery Book Club. Enjoy. Read more here


Favourite Crime Novels Read During 2018

The Mystery and Crime Book Group from the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts read many mysteries during 2018. Click here to see their favourites.